The past few years have seen the transformation of our learning spaces and outdoor recreation areas into modern, open environments that promote creativity, collaboration and wellbeing. Students enjoy the use of technology and contemporary learning spaces to aid in their learning and social development.

The facilities at St Martha’s Catholic Primary School Strathfield ensure that every child is able to learn using their talents and skills. Students are always encouraged to achieve their full potential, not only academically, but in all areas including sports and the arts.

Multipurpose Courts

Our newly refurbished outdoor space is used daily by our students at lunchtime, as well as during sport and fitness lessons. The multipurpose courts provide students with opportunities to engage in various activities including basketball, tennis and soccer, as well as chess.


Our school hall, equipped with contemporary lighting and sound systems, is a central area for learning, celebrations and school community gatherings. We have weekly assemblies where students perform and are acknowledged for their achievements. The hall is also used for our school performing arts CaSPA event.


We provide our students with learning spaces equipped with contemporary technology and robotics equipment. Students have easy access to devices, not only to become effective users of technologies, but also to develop coding and robotics skills. They work collaboratively to create innovative projects, equipping them with 21st century skills.