Because we value individual skills and encourage students to strive and shine, we offer extensive extracurricular programs in the Arts. These programs are all run at school and parents have the opportunity throughout the year to see some of these events showcased.

Dance group is a new initiative at St Martha’s where students of all types of dance ability come together once a week to learn a dance routine. The group performs at school events like assembly and end of term and year celebrations, and hopes to perform at community events with the string ensemble and choir in future.

All children have the option of learning violin, viola or cello and automatically become part of the school’s strings ensembles. The Strings program offers an inspiring and holistic string education to all participating students.

Weekly one-on-one tuition, combined with weekly string ensemble playing, allows the students to learn how to play, what to play (solo and ensemble repertoire), and the skills needed to enjoy contributing to a group. Throughout the year students have the opportunity to play at school masses and within the community, for example at Strathfield Park.

All students, teachers and families enjoy seeing students perform at their different levels at these fun events.

Students in the choir group will be exposed to a range of musical styles to develop their singing skills, and will have many performance opportunities throughout the year. Students join the St Martha’s Choir simply by attending a rehearsal and signing up.