At St Martha’s Catholic Primary School Strathfield, sporting opportunities are provided each year for students to be selected. We provide balanced and diverse programs that meet the needs of all our students regardless of their level of skill and fitness, and promote fair play, commitment, working as a team and striving to achieve excellence.

  • School swimming
  • Cross country
  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Pathways in Sport (Years 56)
Sport plays an important role in the development of primary age children. Organised sport offers opportunities for children to participate and excel in a range of activities which develop skills, confidence and self esteem. Students also have the opportunity to advance through cluster, regional and state competitions.

Gala Days
Throughout the year students have the opportunity to participate in a number of team sports gala days. These gala days are designed primarily for student enjoyment, but also to promote exercise and a positive sporting experience. Each year St Martha’s registers teams to participate in the Soccer Gala Day (Years 3–6), Infants Soccer Gala Day (K–2) and Netball Gala Day (Years 3–6).

Sport and Fitness Classes
Sports skills and fitness are taught across all grades, with skilled instructors rotating their focus on Gymnastics, Athletics and Dance. Our annual K–6 athletics carnival includes both track and field events. In Term 4 each year, students also participate in an intensive K–6 swimming program culminating with an annual swimming carnival. All students get the chance to practise many different skills and discover a sport they are interested in.

Students from K6 have the opportunity to become involved in a tennis program on our recently renovated tennis courts. The students learn tennis skills and rules of the game in a friendly and positive environment. If your child is interested, please contact the school office.